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About Dozimetrs

DOZIMETRS Ltd. was founded on October 18, 1995 as a daughter company of one of the leading computer and IT distributors in Latvia - Datorsalons Elva. The Elva Computer Group was established in 1991.
The major fields of activities of DOZIMETRS cover project development and realization, consultations in the sphere of radiation and nuclear safety, as well as import, installation, provision of warranty and all other kinds of service for dosimetric equipment.
    DOZIMETRS has been an initiator and organizer of a variety of seminars about problems concerning measuring of radioactivity and radon level. In co-operation with Thermo ELECTRON CORPORATION, the specialists of DOZIMETRS took part in development of specialized radiation measuring data processing software as well as developed its language adaptation, to meet the needs of Latvia's customers. DOZIMETRS provides service for LUDLUM TSI and EXPLORANIUM equipment.
    Currently the bigest customers of DOZIMETRS are Latvia's Border Guards, Radiation Safety centre,
DILERS, State's Environment and Power structures,Liepājas metalurgs Radiation waste management agency, private scrap companies.

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RadEye - the next generation of advanced pocket size radiation instruments for radiation detection, gamma dose rate measurements and area monitoring.
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